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Our products, which are 100% recyclable, are produced in layered and pressed cardboard, and the white or Havana brown water-repellent Kraft cover finished the exterior and completes this strong article used for protecting any product. 

Used for packaging in the industrial, agricultural and food sectors, packaging for fruit and vegetables, for palletization with the use of a single strap, mesh or film. 

Inserted inside boxes they are effective for protecting the edges and increasing the possibility of stacking.

Multiplying the vertical loading capacity and resistance to impacts.

The technical characteristics make them ideal for use in cold rooms.

The corners can also be manufactured in a wide range of combinations for the packaging of numerous types of industrial products


Dimensions - EUROPACK s.r.l.
The dimensions of the angle are measured in mm.: 
side A, side B, thickness S and length L


Thickness - EUROPACK s.r.l.

Availability of the thickness according to the measures of the side